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Noah Open-Heart Surgery Journey

BSF Special: Noah’s Open-Heart Surgery Journey


After open-heart surgery with our eldest child, we never thought we would ever encounter this again. We were wrong. On January 15, 2015, we were told by the cardiologist that our 4 month old child had 2 holes in his heart. This would lead to open-heart surgery Noah. We are embarking on another special needs season in our family life.

In This Podcast Episode

In this episode, I try to explain all that has transpired in Noah Dean’s life. Noah was born on August 30, 2014. For 4 months, we battled and wrestled with so much with Noah. We just knew there […]

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Employee With Down Syndrome Fired From Papa John's

Papa John’s Employee With Down Syndrome Fired

BLOG OVERVIEW: Monday September 29th, Scott Bonn, a Papa John’s employee with Down syndrome in Farmington, Utah was fired. My reaction as a dad to a daughter with Down syndrome.

When we turned on our local news Monday September 29th, the headlines read from KSL News in Salt Lake City, “Papa John’s Fired Worker With Down Syndrome.” My mouth dropped in disbelief. This event that happened in our backyard has now spread to national news. UNBELIEVABLE.

You can read the rest of the press release here or watch the video.

My Paternal Reaction To An Employee With Down Syndrome Being Fired

Who has the […]

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Richard Dawkins On Abortion To Baby With Down Syndrome

BSF 022: Richard Dawkins On Abortion Of Babies With Down Syndrome | Flawed Tweets


Summary: Richard Dawkins tweets to abort baby with Down syndrome. His erroneous statement sparked an uproar among the Down syndrome community. The tweet didn’t finish on one statement though. He followed up with many conversations with responders. In this podcast episode dealing with special needs parenting, I address how some may react from a Down syndrome perspective. This is not a typical Building SPECIAL Families Podcast episode, but it needed to be addressed. Richard Dawkins was wrong about abortion and his logic is flawed. Go ahead and listen to this podcast and share so others may be informed. I hope […]

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Happy Birthday Fayth

Happy Birthday Fayth

At 12:44am on June 21, 2009, the long awaited birth had arrived. Fayth Ann Buckley entered this world with bang. I still can’t believe Fayth is already 5 years old.

When Fayth came into this world, we were very inexperienced in raising a child with Down syndrome. Now, well, we still feel inexperienced in the parenting world in general. But we are loving it!!

To wrap all my emotions around this special day is really tough to do. God has taught us so much through this special little girl. Day in and day out we are blessed by our blue-eyed, blonde-haired angel. […]

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Reset Parenting In Times Of Being Stuck

BSF 021: Reset Parenting In Times Of Being Stuck


Summary: There are times where we get stuck in our parenting journey. Raising children with special needs can birth many struggles. These struggles and challenges lead us to sometimes needing to simply reset parenting. It is amazing what reset parenting can do for all people in the family. Whether it be your child, your spouse, or you, reset parenting will give you the opportunity to rethink, reevaluate, and retry your parenting style. If you are in a place where you just feel stuck in your parenting, attempt to press the rest button and see everything just change. Listen to this […]

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